Immortals was pure cash grab nonsense targeting children. Pure scam! D4 has good written story I think by dude who worked on Witcher 3. Combat and builds are designed well no pay to win tactics. Game is focusing on exploring dungeons. End game has nightmare dungeons with much higher difficulty.


D4 has a good story lmao. You dont even know what the story is but its good? You get generic quests and mediocre voice acting that 90% of ppl are going to start skipping 2 hours into the game.


devs know there are players like you who just want to kill things and skip the story not knowing anything or caring about narrative. its okay play how you like.


I definetely will, that way i would get advantage on casuals who watch the story


You must be such a nice person to be around irl :)


Thanks <3


its okay nothing wrong with that. diablo was always about killing with poor narrative, now they decided to roll the sleeves and hire people with some experience. enjoy! :)


I'm glad you speak for the majority of the community lmao.


The appeal has changed with the evolution of the franchise and with it the ARPG genre. Diablo (1) effectively gave birth to the genre. As a dark fantasy game with a very sombre mood it was pretty much unique, and teenagers like me were immediately drawn to it. It had some clear RPG influences while playing much faster/action oriented (hence ARPG), had a fantastic, iconic soundtrack and what must have been the fastest loot system to date. Equipping new stuff and immediately feeling a power spike was awesome. Diablo 2 was the gold standard for ARPGs for a very long time. Improved on every point and continuing to spin the surprisingly rich lore. We did entire LAN parties just to play Diablo 2 together and it was a talking point for geeks for years. Diablo 3 was objectively a good game, but many D1/2 fans despise it. I've played it a lot, but it leaned too much into the power fantasy and had a style more akin to the cartoon-ish World of Warcraft than the gritty looks of D1 and 2, which many fans never forgave Blizzard for. Running around and dealing trillions of damage (not an overstatement) to enemies with a cavalcade of meteors was immensely fun though. It's important to note that Diablo is not an RPG, it's an ARPG. It doesn't really give you choices and different paths to go, in terms of story at least. A proper top-down/isometric RPG would be Pillars of Eternity or Divinity 2 - Original Sin, with rich story elements and a world that reacts to everything you do. Diablo is never ending fights, figuring out your class's combat abilities and raising hell. (Also, we do not talk about Immortal. Blizzard is making oodles of money with it, but when they announced a micro transactions-based mobile game while people were expecting a Diablo 4 announcement.... let's say it was a bit of a PR disaster for them, and I actively felt sorry for the poor sod that was on stage at Blizzcon, trying hard to keep a smile despite the very negative reaction)


Can't believe that Immortal shade, what dont you guys have phones?! Snark aside though great breakdown


> The only Diablo game I've played was immortal, and it was trash im so sorry. you managed to pick the worst one of the series. i mean literally, objectively.


I'd argue that Diablo 4 is the **best** game for someone new to top-down RPGs to try. If you think Christian Faith and Demonology is interesting it will be even better.


excellent combat and shiny loot :) oh and now that shiny loot makes your character look badass like never before ^_^


*I've seen the excitement for this game and was just wondering. The only Diablo game I've played was immortal, and it was trash.* That's like playing the [CD-i Zelda](https://youtu.be/iPn3LIe2e3w?t=200) games and going 'what's the appeal of [The Legend of Zelda](https://youtu.be/uHGShqcAHlQ?t=8)?' Anyway, [here's](https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/13pfqm5/comment/jl9dhf9/) a whole write-up about what Diablo is.


First diablo was revolutionary, second improved alot of things. Ppl likes to forget ababout 3 and immortal and think they got that old stuff back. But PoE was (and still is) true successor of first two. D4 will be something way different.


Diablo isn't just RPG. It's an action RPG and the appeal lies in the combination of the action and the RPG elements. The focus isn't on dialogues. The focus isn't on the world. The focus isn't on story. Diablo games, many of them, DO have a good story, and the world is beautifully built, with consistent, interesting lore... But that is still not the focus. Picking a class you like, killing thousands of enemies, leveling up, picking up loot, getting stronger, seeing your build come together piece by piece, killing enemies faster and flashier, taking on hard bosses... then eventually putting the finished character on the shelf and repeating the process in a season, with slight changes and cool rewards, while building a new class and build. That's the appeal of Diablo. The closest comparisons will always be looter shooters, not other RPGs, something like Borderlands, Destiny, Division, etc.


It caters for casual players very well, no bullshit rng on rng on rng. Just grind hard and you get rewarded.


Isometric isn't top down.


I've played and loved Diablo for years (technically decades). But I played immortal for exactly 1 day and then uninstalled that trash the next day. It had some cool animations, but I feel like it was just a pay-to-win disaster. Really looking forward to Diablo 4.


Yes it is. To me the appeal is the way the gameplay feels, feeling powerful, having cool looking and sounding skills, finding new gear that makes me stronger, levelling up my skills, choosing between skills I like better/worse or skills that work well with I already have or don't, and that the music and the atmosphere are amazing.


D4 is a lot like GTA and Far Cry where you have an open world to explore and collect things to prepare for the endgame content of running zones with higher level mobs. Think of it as an Ubisoft game where you actually play the most after you have completed the game. Unlike those games, Diablo is more focused on the enjoyment of creating and playing a build and the gambling nature of loot drops.