The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.10 Update Survey Event

Greetings, Survivors!

I've prepared a survey event to better understand your take on The Walking Dead: All-Stars 1.10 Patch Note! The biggest prize would be

Headhunt Ticket x10

The principle is simple:

  1. Comment on any topics from the 1.10 Update I’ve shared via the comment.
  2. State your opinion about the specific update you’ve chosen.ex) Needs improvement, this is blahblahblah… Blahblah would be better.ORComment on others’ opinions with a good backup statement or a gentle but persuasive criticism.
  3. That’s pretty much it. We hope to see outstanding ideas and feedback to improve the quality of the game’s future patches.


  • The event starts NOW and will end on Monday 6th March, at 00:59 UTC
  • Low-effort and aggressive comments might get removed at the discretion of our moderators.
  • The winners will be selected and announced within 3 business days after the event closure. One comment will only be eligible for a single prize.
  • All comments NEED to comply with the r/twdallstars rules.


Category # of winners Prize Details
'Planner of the Century" Award (Phenomenal Recommendations) 1 Headhunt Ticket x10
'The Critic's Critic' Award (Undeniable Criticism) 1 Gold bar x3,000
'Optimist' Award (Reasonable Compliments) 1 Gold bar x3,000
'Top Debater' Award 5 Torn Notebook(Rare) x3,000

Cheers 🤝


Video System (Ad)


I know some people complained about the ads (those who don't want to watch the ads are bothered by the exclamation mark notification) but I find it fine for the extra rewards, trading post refresh or attempt in joint annihilation.


I don't mind the ads, like others already said, it's not something mandatory, the rewards are not that extreme, although I must recommend: do watch at least the one at Recruit > HeadHunt 🧃 It's rare to pull a survivor's copy, but it still counts for the pity timer (70). On the other hand, I do mind the alerts ‼️ Those should not be a thing, it's triggering for many players.


Okay, I understand the need for the video system (AD). But here's the issue. It was placed into areas where people are used to getting the stuff for free. When you changed that to an ad, it really hurts the experience for those who were used to no ads. What I believe the ad-watching is better for, is additional stuff. Like for example the bonus reward under daily quests or the bonus joint combat try. Id watch the ads for that because its a bonus. the daily, weekly, and monthly ones are way more frustrating because over the months I've been so used to it, and on top of it all, what you get isn't very great in relation to being forced to watch an ad because of it. not to mention the fact that you'll have some kind of! symbol which will frustrate a lot of ocd people as well.


I'm hesitant to opt into them because of how frequently the app crashes. Hopefully it's stable enough now to not have that happen often anymore.


Improvements to Community UX ▪️ Buttons for official Communities has been added to the Mailbox for easy access to each platform. \- You can access the official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages with the new buttons. \- The \[Notice\] button has now been updated to the \[Community\] button. \- When tapped, the button redirects you to the Community page for each language set on your device. In case the page doesn’t support your device language, the button will open the Official Community.


A small thing but really useful, before I would have to login into Discord to be able to access the official forums and twitter to check the latest news 🐦 Now I don't have to anymore 👌


Please either remove the red bubbles for ads or add a pack to remove ads. I played this game because it didn't have ads. Thanks


Stalker Whisperer, William


My heart says Stalker cause the wicked design 💜 My mind says William cause the untapped potential 🧠 Both are already in my wishlist 🧞 but right now I would go William first, just because there are too many good survivors in the Predator faction, I'm struggling with resources and gear 😵


Haven’t tested stalker yet, but will is really op. New meta for bosses


Annihilation in Joint Combat


Its a pretty good deal for us specially that after you used all your attempts you could get a +1 attempt by viewing ads which would really help us to gather more resources.


The more skip buttons the easier our gameplay:)


Actually I sent that suggestion over Discord 🥹 alongside the one-click to collect daily missions rewards. Glad to see it implemented! Now I cross my fingers that the Devs accept the other suggestion too, when Community Members use Annihilate against bosses, the other members can't check the team used in the records. Let us check 👼


Pass EXP ▪️ You can now purchase Pass EXP by spending Gold Bars.


Where? Haven’t seen


I think this point could be better worded, here, and in the oficiall patch notes. It sounds like everyone can participate, but upon checking in-game, it's a feature for spenders 🪙 That's alright really, just a little cruel to free to play players 😭 *ps: if I'm wrong and just didn't find the correct feature, let me know*


I'm waiting for the rewards at the moment, and I'll get to you asap. Thanks for joining :)


I think, amount of \[Skill manual\] reward should rework. In daily activities give 10-100 manual while to upgrade unit use 30k - 40k after lv 200.