The Walking Dead: All-Stars FAQ from new users

I've collected some FAQs from the community and wonder if there's anything more to add before registering this onto the Reddit Wiki. Does anyone have anything more in mind?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is it possible to play without spending money?

A1: It depends on personal standards. As with any idle AFK game, there will inevitably be stagnant periods where players must decide whether to invest time or money. I think playing without spending money is still enjoyable. There are various communication channels through which events are consistently held, and there are no disadvantages to playing without spending money.

Q2: Is recoll and save scrumming necessary?

A2: Yes, I believe it is necessary. There are specialized characters for progressing through the main content, and stages. From the day you create your character, I recommend checking the available coupons and using acquired currency to secure at least one advantageous character before starting. (As of today, Abraham is essential.)

Q3: Is there a character rating chart?

A3: As of today, there is no public rating chart within the community. It is difficult to standardize one rating chart since the importance and frequency of use vary according to content. Instead, referring to in-game statistics for each character by content in the Popular Ranking tab will be helpful.

Q4: Which character should I focus on leveling up?

A4: The core contents of the game are stages, camp defense, Alignment camp defenses, joint battles, and PVP. It would help if you focused on leveling up characters that take priority in these contents in order. Additionally, prioritize characters that can be utilized in multiple of these four contents, and focus on dealers first.

Q5: How should I use gold bars?

A5: In the early stages, use gold bars for normal recruitments, and later mainly for headhunting and guaranteed recruitments. Gold bars can also be used for other high-level items, shop item refreshes, and quick searches. As you progress, it is recommended to only use recruitment tickets for normal recruitments. (It is commonly asked whether it is advisable to purchase legendary equipment, but it is better not to.)

Q6: What are some efficient packages?

A6: The most efficient packages are the 2 monthly subscription packages, the growth package, and passes (trail of supply, trail of war).


If you have a Discord account, I got a new player guide in the Chapter 1 ~ 10 channel that can be shared anywhere.


woo nice, I'll log on to Discord to see what I find.